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I saw your post on beyonce being accused of hoping on the feminist trend. And it's right. She build her success of sucking dick and appealing to men by using sexual appeal. That in no way is a feminist. She's a dickrider that's for sure.

well damnnnn. thats a bit harsh i thought the bow down bitches song had a decent message. but i feel u anon i feel u

Can you link whatever video your talking about please?

what did nicki pick up when drake said “that will shave 6 months off your life” lol

it was to bright to what she had in her hand :/ 


trying to get my balls unstuck from my thigh



Me as a mother

i know but idk
me when i know but idk (via bageutte)



dis is meme death

naw, this is peeing on the grave/poopin’ in the urn

my roommates believe that beyonce is wrong for claiming to be a feminist because she declared in an interview a year ago that she did not see her self as one. they believe she is hoping on the feminist “trend” to make money. i tried to argue back saying that her giving the image of empowering female in the media and embracing her body and sexuality is a plus and i cant understand how they can look down on that. but they feel it isnt genuine because she does it for money

and i somewhat agree i guess because beyonce does cater to the white beauty standard with the way she looks. blonde hair and supposedly bleached skin? (idk if thats true). why would any one want to do that other than to appeal to a larger audience?

they also made  a point about her single ladies song and how its the complete opposite of women wanting to be independent basically saying men need to commit to them

i feel so conflicted right now :/ 

i always felt empowered by her songs for the most part 



Relationship goals

I need a ride or die shawty like this.


thats is. this is the crossover of the century. we’ve done it everyone



thats is. this is the crossover of the century. we’ve done it everyone


when my mom tells me to clean up my room